"A Farewell To Arms" by Ernest Hemingway

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Major Events -Winter has started and Frederic Henry decides to go tour the marvelous country of Italy. Upon returning Frederic meets Catherine, a nurse's aide working at a local hospital, of who is involved in a relationship with his friend Rinaldi Passini. After her fiancé's death, they become romantically involved but Frederic's distanced mentality handicaps their once healthy relationship.

Frederic is wounded in the war and but soon recuperates from his injury after having an operation performed on his knee. The army allows him to temporary leave and afterwards he returns to his position. Frederic discovers that Catherine is pregnant and that he somehow contracted jaundice. After recovering, he once again returns to the front lines to discover that the Italian militia is weakening. Frederic almost meets his demise when soldiers decide to kill commanding officers as a symbol of their exasperation. He somehow manages to break lose of capture and boards a train heading towards Milan.

Frederic and Catherine meet in Stresa and then escape to the safety of Switzerland. They settle in Montreux and then relocate to Lausanne in order for them to be closer to a hospital. Catherine goes into labor and gives birth to a stillborn baby. The delivery is extremely painful and due to complications she hemorrhages. Both baby and mother die, leaving Frederic a widowed and lonely man.

Setting -Although the location of the novel varies from time to time, it does play a big part in the events that took place. Mainly taking place in Italy during the early 1900's (1916 - 1918). This created many conflicts due to the fact that World War I was in play. The novel's main characters were active in the aspects of war, Frederic being a serviceman whilst his soon-to-wife is a nurse. Many of the events...