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I love sleep! I love it in all its forms and shapes. The feeling experienced when you slump down in a warm bed letting all your troubles and worries dissipate into the warm abyss is short of bliss. I am what you might call a sleep addict.

I have always resented the fact that I was born with both the procrastinator and the sleep addict gene. You would never mix these two traits into one person just like you would never mix school with summer. Nevertheless, here I am a sleep-starved kid with work that always evades me for weeks on end only to re-emerge at the last possible second. My lack of sleep, however, does have its positive consequences the biggest one is my greater appreciation of the little sleep that I do get. Every aspect of sleep is great starting from the first second your eyelids shut and lasting until the surreal moment when you realize that you should have been in school 30 minutes ago.

Falling asleep has to be one of the strangest feelings. At what moment do you cross the line separating reality from the subconscious state we call sleep? Is it when the long wispy shadows protruding from the window overrun your thoughts with their intoxicating simplicity? Or does sleep start from the moment you can never remember the next day. When I was young I used to despise sleeping how could I enjoy something that robed me of my precious Saturday morning cartoons and never let me quite make it till midnight on New Years Eve? When you grow up your going to see that there is no such thing as too much sleep, my mother would say. No mom when I grow up I will stay up till 10 no 12 no 2, yes that's right 2 A.M. I'll stay up till 2 A.M. I would reply. But she was right all of a sudden sleeping replaced cartoons and instead of bragging about how long I stayed up till last night I started bragging about how long I slept in till last Saturday morning.

What I'm trying to say is that I Love Sleep in all its forms and shapes. And I'm not planning to quit my power naps during study hall and math anytime soon. I love sleep"¦"¦.zzzz.