How It Feels (Free Verse Poem)

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I am spinning in circles.

My head is aching,

My hands are shaking.

I cannot judge

Distance nor Time.

I am completely helpless.

It is difficult not to

Writhe, while in the grip

Of ecstatic pain

And agony.

I am completely alone.

No one knows the way

I feel. The way

I am at a loss

For words.

I am in a prison

With no means of escape.

Chained to the wall, I can

Only scream and listen

To the echoes.

Do not wish for such hurting.

If you do, you will lose touch

With reality.

Do not reach for my hand.

As it flutters helplessly.

The journey is too long

And too lonesome.

Do not walk it with me.

There is no beginning.

There is no end.

If you feel differently,

Take my hand.

And I shall show you

How it feels

To be hopelessly in love.