Ferdinand Magellan

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Ferdinand Magellan was born in 1480 in Portugal. He lived with his father Don Roy de Magalhas, a nobleman, and his mother Dona Alda. Magellan had a joyful childhood living in a manor house in the northern region of Portuguese region of Minho. At age twelve, Ferdinand was chosen to be a page at the court of Queen Leonora. At the court, he made a life long enemy, Duke Manuel, the king of Portugal's Son-in-law. In 1495, the king was assassinated and Magellan's life long enemy, Duke Manuel became the new king.

At age 25, Ferdinand decided to join the military expedition to India. He did so well in the army, that eh was promoted fight in Morocco where he was badly wounded in his leg. He was accused for stealing some war booty captured in Morocco but he was cleared of changes the king was disappointed in Magellan, so he publicly humiliated him in front of everyone.

Magellan getting sick of people ridiculing him, decided to leave Portugal and go to the Philippines. On his way to the Philippines, he stopped in Seville Spain. There, he met his wife Beatriz. They wedded in 1517. Both of them loved each other very much and they had two children together.

Magellan eventually met the king of Spain Charles I. He really needed the king's support, because without his approval, he could not sail to the Philippines. The king did not approve it at fist but then he finally gave in and now Magellan could finally go on his voyage.

Magellan's enemy, the king of Portugal, was now furious that the king of Spain was for Magellan's voyage. So, the king of Portugal sent spies to gather information and try and ruin Magellan's voyage. They also stole many of Magellan's supplies and...