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Nadin Ospina is a Columbian artist that has done numerous works of art in her

lifetime. Her latest series consists of statues that are based on North American cartoon

figures. She has done figures of The Simpson's, Cartman from South park, Goofy, and

Mickey. All of these cartoon figures are immortalized in poses reminiscent of Aztec


The first statue that I saw a statue of Mickey Mouse. This carving was made in

1998 and is the fourth edition of Mickey Mouse that she carved. The statue was 23.6 by

13.3 by 10.6 inches. It is carve of stone and is brown. Mickey was captured wearing

a small backpack and there is a skull where the straps on his backpack met.

Luis Gonzales-Palma is an artist from Guatemala. He uses models and props for

many of his pictures and also uses imagery evocative of social, political, and personal

themes associated with his home.

His photos have a definite sadness about them because

of his poignant techniques.

His photo that caught my eye was of the Guatemalan man holding a cactus over

his head. It is titled El Nopal and is made of gelatin silver. It is also 19 by 20 inches long.

It was created in 1991 and is one of many photos in his latest editions. The mans face

also blends in with the cactus. The man is middle age; his eyes look fragile and have a

sad aura about them.

Jose Bedina is a Cuban artist that has done numerous oil paintings. He Graduated

from the Escuela de Arte San Alejandro in Havana, in 1976 and from the Instituto

Superior de Arte in Havana, in Cuba in 1981. He Emigrated to Mexico in 1991 and to the

U.S. in 1993. He has been Living and working in...