Fictional Psychological Assessment on Jack from the novel 'Lord of the Flies'.

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Psychological Assessment

Name: Jack

Dates of Evaluation: 9/12/1943

Case No: 25'491

Building No.: 11

Admission Date: 5/12/1943

Date of Report: 10/12/1943

Report Conducted By: Prof. Billy Marler

Purpose for evaluation:

Jack was admitted for evaluation one week ago after months spent on an island with many other stranded school boys, in this report I will cover what I believe to be true about Jack's personality and mental state.

Background Information:

Both Jack's mother and father work as lawyers in 'H&G Lawyers' in London. From a young age Jack has always tried to be in charge and better than his peers. Jack is an only child and longs for the love of his father (who constantly tells him he can always do better and never praises what he does well.) His grandparents both died before he was born and neither his mother or farther have siblings.

Jack hasn't been examined nor sent to any mental institute/Psychiatric clinic.

Mental Status Examination:

It appeared that after only a few minutes with Jack that he had Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). He suffers from hyperactivity (constantly tapping and pacing up and down), forgetfulness and is easily distracted. His ADHD seems to have only been noticeable recently (both his parents suggest he did not display any symptoms of ADHD before he was stranded).

However, with ADHD it still appears Jack is a bright child. He uses a wide range of vocabulary to express how he feels and also has relatively good school reports. His intellect also became clear after putting himself in charge very cleverly when the children where most scared and depressed (telling the children he could protect them from a 'beast' that another child had saw (in actual fact a parachutist that had died in a cave of starvation))

Although, even with this intelligence...