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"Come on, what are you waiting for," the voice boomed in my head as I watched the maintenance vehicle go by.

"Coming," I murmured feeling embarrassed and out of place. Lately I had questioned parts of our community wondering why they had to be that way. Noticing my best friend Ryan still looking at me I remembered the customary response. "I apologize for making you wait," I sullenly said.

"I accept your apology," he replied savoring the words but still without meaning. Instructors in school we had taught us precision of speech, but that didn't seem adequate training for a career. In one more week was the Ceremony of Twelves and a profession would be chosen for me. I knew I wouldn?t like the career I was assigned, but had no idea what I wanted.

Waking up from my daydreaming fast enough so Ryan didn't notice I followed him on my bike.

"Where should we spend our volunteer hours" Ryan asked me as I caught up. My friends always wanted me too make decisions for them. They couldn?t make choices without much thought and they were always worried they might choose wrong. On the other hand I looked forward to being able to make a choice, even though it seemed unimportant in comparison to picking a profession.

"Lets spend our hours today at the Rehabilitation Department," I responded. We biked around to the back of the building in silence as I thought again about the upcoming Ceremony of Twelves. We parked out bikes in the bike ports, entered the building, and found the secretary.

"Hello David, where do you need help,? asked Ryan making sure he didn't say an unnecessary word and used precision.

"Go down the hall and enter the first door on the left," answered the secretary politely.