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Fidel Castro, revolutionary leader of Cuba, was born on August 13, 1926 in Mayari, Cuba. As a boy, he lived on his family's sugar plantation where his father, Angel Castro, processed sugar on his fields and transported them to other parts of Cuba. Fidel Castro worked on the sugar plantation, until he was six, when he convinced his parents to let him go to school.

At first, Castro attended local public school but later, after his scholastic talents were recognized, he was tutored and enrolled in Santiago de Cuba's La Salle School. There, he did not follow the rules and challenged the authority of the priests who run the school. Because of his behavior he was sent to a Catholic school called Dolores Colegio, which had high disciplinary and academic standards. He was there disciplined and learned the value of authority. In 1940, Castro attended Colegio Belen and studied Cuban history.

He also developed athletic skills there, being named the school's best athlete. Castro entered the University of Havana Law School, where he became involved in politics. He earned a law degree by 1950, and went into practice.

In 1952, Castro wanted to campaign for a parliamentary seat in the election, but the government of President Carlos Prio Socarras was overthrown by General Fulgencio Batista. Castro went to court and charged the dictator with going against the constitution. When the court rejected him, he joined 165 men in an attack on the Barracks in Oriente province in 1953. The attack failed, half the men were killed, and Castro was taken prisoner and released in 1955.

After Castro tried to oppose the military dictatorship by peaceful means and was unsuccessful, he organized the 26th of July Revolutionary movement. The group consisted of 82 whose first attack was launched once...