Fighting For Freedom

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Fighting For Freedom


My breath was coming out in short gasps as I ran down the narrow alley. My throat burned as I gulped in air... I slowed down looking from side to side, scanning the fences for an opening. I tried climbing the high galvanized fences circled with tiger barb wire, but I was just too weak. Instead I crouched behind the bushes at the far end of the alley like a frightened animal. It was a dead end. I looked above me. The tiger barbed fence was my only escape but there was no time. I looked around frantically for at least hole in the ground to hide but the van had already pulled into the alleyway blocking out any escape. The intense lights blinded me; I buried my head in my arms from the glare. I crouched lower, peering through the bushes as the lights switched off.

I heard the van shuddered to a groaning stop.

The side door opened with a rusty screech, I heard a person curse as the door got jammed halfway. The van jolted as a dark figure climbed out of the side. I saw the sickening familiar shape, it was Ashan. My heart started thudding loudly as I tried not to breathe or make a sound. I felt sick as I watched the hulking figure walk towards me, swinging their torch from side to side. I made out an object in their other hand. My stomach turned as it was revealed in the fluorescent light of the torch. It was a whip. I was flooded with memories of that whip and cringed, covering my head with my arms. I could feel and taste the bile rising up from the back of my throat. I heard his footsteps stop right...