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Fierce warriors, cannibals, and lazy natives were terms once used, by visitors from other nations, to describe the citizens of Fiji. Contrary to these beliefs, Fijians are actually quite friendly, courteous, resourceful, and energetic (Vaughan 128). These warm-hearted people accept others as family. This is shown in the way they greet everyone, including strangers, by saying Bula. This word has a variety of meanings such as hello, life, or good morning (NgCheong-Lum 62). Fijian etiquette and hard work to have a subsistent lifestyle has helped many Fijians to succeed in their many endeavors. Fiji’s characteristics have grown in considerable amounts of ways since its founding more than 3,500 years ago.

Geographically Fiji has grown in many ways. This country is comprised of an archipelago of about 300 islands, a third of which are inhabited (Fiji). A majority of these islands surround the Korean Sea and are volcanic in origin. One of these volcanic islands is, Vanua Levu, the second main island of Fiji.

Vanua contains eighteen percent of Fiji’s population and is surrounded by a variety of coral reefs. The primary island, Viti Levu, contains seventy percent of the population. It is also the most developed island in Fiji, and the western portion of the island attracts many tourists because of its excellent weather. These tourists visit during certain months because of different seasons in Fiji. For example, there are few tourists during hurricane season, August through November. Tourists also commonly visit Fiji’s magnificent landscapes and beautiful rain forests, which have been preserved by their conservation and preservation efforts. While visiting Fiji, tourists will notice the diverse inhabitants which occupy different sections of Fiji.

Fiji is perhaps the most cosmopolitan of all South Pacific nations and is growing in diversity. Native Fijians, Indians, Rotumans, Part-Europeans, Chinese, and other Pacific...