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August 22, 2004

History of Costume

Film Review


The movie Emma, is a film that takes us to a time of romance, grace and femininity. It is set in Dorset and London England in the Victorian time period. The film is about a girl by the name of Emma Woodhouse who in great duty and privilege devotes herself to playing matchmaker. Throughout the film she tries desperately to set up Harriet Smith, her friend who is awkward and new to the town. After failed attempts at love for Harriet, Emma finds herself getting caught up in the game of love. When Harriet comes to her admitting that she is in love with John Knightly, Emma's lifelong friend. It is then that Emma recognizes the feelings she has always had for Mr. Knightly. Mr. Knightly feels the same way about Emma and soon tells her of his feelings when he asks her to marry him.

She accepts the offer and they marry and live happily ever after. Harriet Smith is devastated to find out of the engagement but is soon after engaged to Mr. Martin an old friend. So the film ends with both girls finding love where they never thought they would, in the arms of their lifelong friends.

Michael O'Connor did a great job with the costumes in this film. He took the grace and style of this time period and elegantly incorporated it to help develop the understanding of the era in which this movie was filmed. The women in this film wore the long dresses with the empire waist called the chemise. Many of the dresses in this film had puffy sleeves on them and were accented with lace, broaches, and bows. This was commonly worn with a shawl, gloves and a bonnet. All the...