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It is very rare that I come across a classic film, and to be honest, it is indeed a fact that I hardly ever enjoy classics. However, The Elephant man captivated me into a whole new place. A place where ‘The elephant man’ falls into a category of its own. This film truly sets the bar high for any other tragic films, including Titanic; and I dare say, this bar is set so high that there probably won’t be any competition throughout many decades. A film which leaves you thinking about it for a mere few days, it truly is, Hard-hitting.

Set in the Victorian 1880’s but shot a century later, The Elephant man is based on the true story of John Merrick, a seriously ill and incurable deformed young man. John Merrick, who is played by John Hurt, is discovered by Dr Treves, played by a young Anthony Hopkins, in a freak show circus.

Dr Treves decides to borrow John Merrick from his owner ‘Ross’ to his work place London Hospital, for questionable reasons. It is later discovered that Treves uses him for a lecture. After John Merrick is dismissed, he is beaten up by his owner Ross. Merrick is so seriously injured that it reunites him with Dr. Treves. This incident leads Dr Treves to move John Merrick into the isolation ward of London Hospital, despite lack of support from the Hospital’s staff.

Over a period of time, Dr Treves discovers that John Merrick is a rather sensitive and very intelligent man. They form an unexpected loyal friendship with each other. However, just as it seems that John Merrick has settled down happily, he experiences hurtful night visits from the lower class public who have paid a man to show them ‘The elephant man’. The rest of...