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Many people believe final are beneficial and unnecessary as apart of a student's education. While others students argue, that final examinations don't allow a student to demonstrate to their full ability and understanding. Writing year-end final examinations cause unnecessaty stress, pressure, and unclear test results.

To begin, writing a year-end examination causes unnecessary stress on a student. While many students have the responsibility of one to eight courses a year, final examination time can cause severe anxiety problems. the main stress's that college and university student's worry about are their marks, memorzation of exam material, and the content of the exam. This unnecessary anxiety can eventually lead to nervous breakdowns, anxiety attacks, and depression. These systens of unnecessary stress not only have the ability to affect the outcome of a student's mark, but also the health and well-being of a student's mental health.

In addition, there is too much pressure on receiving the highest marks in order to pass a subject.

In today's society there are very high standards placed for sudents to receive top marks. Today's admission marls to attend university and certain colleges are in the high 80% and low 90%'s. With all this useless pressure, this makes it even harder for students to receive that 85 percentile. It is also very unfair for a student to deal weth the heavy burden of maintaining or exceeding the ridiculously expected 85 percentile when their final mark depends on one measly exam! With class averages at 40-60%, one must ponder whether needed pressure can contribute to these low marks? Furthermore, final exams do not give clear test results on a student's knowledge. Final examinations mask the ability for a sudent to truly shine. With all the build up of unnecssary pressure and stress, these worries have ability to block...