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Grade 8 Health First Aid Project!

#1- Someone has lit their camp fire with gasoline and was standing too close when they lit it and is suffering from multiple burns.

If this were to happen to someone, It is most likely to be either a Partial-Thickness Burn (Second Degree) or a Full-Thickness Burn (Third Degree). Third degree burns should be given medical attention right away. The first thing you should do when you are in this situation is put out the fire or move the victim away from the source of the burn. Secondly you should find a way to cool the burn. It is important to never use ice while cooling a burn unless the burn is first degree. Last, before you bring them to get medical attention, you should cover the burn loosely.

#2- A hiker decided to see if the ice was thick enough to walk on and found out the hard way that it wasn't.

They are clinging on to the ice surrounding the hole. You will need to come up with a plan of action to get the person out of the ice and treatment afterwards for possible hypothermia.

Many people just run into the area where the person had fallen through without even thinking. That's probably one of the worst things you could do because the weakest area is usually the area where the person had fallen through and if you run on to it then you will most likely fall through too. As currents shift underneath the ice, the surface can weaken and become fragile, even if it appears to be frozen solid. ___________ Once you get the victim out of the cold water, you should cover them up immediately and as soon as you can, put them in warm water.