The First day

Essay by davidcinco November 2014

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I remember that day like it was yesterday. I was twenty years old and I was at the bus stop waiting on the bus to come so I could go to work. It was morning time and I was happy to be alive on such a beautiful day. The sky looked so beautiful. The shape of the clouds reminded me of a picture I had seen portraying what heaven would look like. I was amazed at how beautiful the sky looked. I didn't want to forget this moment so I pulled out my phone and started taking pictures of the sky. After taking a couple of pictures, a honk of a car horn caught my attention and I looked to the street and there was this guy smiling driving his car waiving and pointing at me. I was able to see him clearly and even though I was not able to hear him I was able to read the movement of his lips and he was saying "I see you."

I looked at him and started laughing because I didn't know anyone was paying attention to me as I was looking up at the sky. I thought it was funny and went back to taking more pictures. A few minutes went by and the same guy pulled up to where I was and said. "Do you need a ride?" "Where do you have to go?" The cologne he was wearing smelled so well and I found him to be very handsome. I debated if I should take the ride or not because I didn't know him. He was so clean cut and had a dark colored suit on with a stunning apricot dress shirt and a tie that matched. He looked so familiar to me and it was like...