The First Kiss by John Updike

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In John Updike’s excerpt of “The First Kiss”, Updike uses metaphors and other rhetorical devices to convey the audiences attitude of the opening season baseball game. The audiences clearly have great interest of the environment around them as they optimistically keep their eyes glued to the players. The way that Updike combines sentences along with the sentence structure is also support as Updike shows the audiences point of view towards the game. The use of metaphor, syntax and diction show the attitude of the audiences at the opening season of a baseball event.

Throughout the excerpt from “The First Kiss” by John Updike, the use of metaphor is evident. An example of this is “Our eyeballs grew calluses (lines 14-15). This shows not only a single persons reaction but rather a big crowds, which shows that the audiences were intrigued in the game. Following that statement it was said in line 16 “Hobson throw to the stars” Stars are something that one could observe with great pleasure and as Updike described that the ball was being towards the stars shows that there was interest in the game as the game is being made into a beautiful piece of nature.

Line 30-32 also show how the game went by comparing it to a show string as the short stop was able to get a cheap homerun. These examples of metaphors show how the audiences were paying a great amount of attention to the baseball game.

As Metaphor was used by John Updike to convey how the audiences are happy at the game, the same is proven by his use of both syntax and diction. Line 54-60 shows stats of both teams each at .000 or .00 and how the next move of any of the...