"The Flamingo Kid."

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The movie "Flamingo Kid" is about decency. Decency, according to Webster Unabridged Dictionary is "Conformity to the recognized standard of propriety." Jeffery Willis, the protagonist learns about decency the hard way.

Jeffery Willis, played by Matt Dillion gets a summer job at an exclusive beach club against his father's wishes. Jeffery's dad had a job lined up for Jeffrey at one of his client's office building to be an office boy. Jeffrey decided not to take the job, because he wanted to work at the beach club.

One-Day Jeffrey and friends decided to go the El Flamingo Beach Club to watch Phil Brodie play gin. The club was for members only. The only way they got in was because Jeffrey's friend went with was Mr. Brodie's daughter. They enter the club and changed their clothes and went out on the beach, that's when Jeffrey was introduced to Carla.

After speaking with Carla, Jeffrey noticed that the men were playing cards so he decided to go over and watch. He noticed Phil Brodie was winning all the games. After watching it was time for Jeffrey to go home. He went outside the beach club were he and his friends waited for the car to be brought around. A club member was having problems with her car and Jeffrey went over to take a look at it and fixed it. Mr. Brodie noticed that Jeffrey fixed the car and asked him if he wanted a job parking cars at the beach club. Jeffrey took the job. That night when Jeffrey got home he told his parents that he got a job parking cars at the El Flamingo Beach Club. Jeffrey's dad was not happy about that because he had a job lined up for Jeffrey at one of his client's...