Flora Borvina, Kosovian peace activist.

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Flora Brovina is one of the most famous Kosovian peace activists of her time. Born in 1949 in the town of Skënderaj in the Drenica valley of Kosovo, Brovina was moved to Prishtina where she was raised with excellent schooling. She studied medicine heavily in Middle School and High School, and specialized in the careful and noble art of Pediatrics during her 4-year stay at the Zagreb University.

After finishing her intensive studies at Zagreb and obtaining her degree, she returned to Kosovo and found that very few applicable jobs as a medical doctor were available, so she took the simple job of journalist for the town's local newspaper, the Rilindja. Later on during her new career she discovered that the Pediatrics Ward of the Prishtina General Hospital had an opening, and she promptly applied for it. Brovina was easily accepted due to her flattering credentials from Zagreb University, and she happily worked in the hospital for many years to come.

When Yugoslavia broke up, it had an extremely hard future consequence on Kosovo. The government of Kosovo began to oppress the people. Eventually, they even began deporting Muslims and Albanians, but only for a brief while. Soon, they began to simply execute them. Ethnic cleansing became an extremely large problem in the country, and many feared it so much that it almost became a recreation of the Holocaust. During this period of time, Brovina left the hospital and opened a public clinic of her own, the Center for Rehabilitation of Children and Women, to ease the suffering and ailments of the people in the time of restlessness. She assisted people in everything from colds to giving birth and treaty broken bones.

Before all this, however, the same situation happened in Bosnia, and Brovina took heed at all the help...