The Flow of Communication in Criminal Justice

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There are many forms of communication that people use on a daily basis. This is no different in the field of criminal justice, but their communication styles can save lives and prevents dangerous things from happening to them and other people. There are five types of communication:•Job Instruction - Communication relating to the performance of a certain task.

•Job Rationale - Communication relating a certain task to organization tasks or goals.

•Procedures and Practice - Communication about organizational policies, procedures, rules, and regulations•Feedback - Communication appraising how an individual or group performs the tasks assigned.

•Indoctrination - Communication designed to motivate personnel.

Other reasons for communicating downward are opportunities for administration to clarify objectives and goals, gather opinions from employees, to prevent misunderstandings from lack of information, and to prepare employees for change.” (McKinney, 2008)Typically when questions start getting asked, they begin at the bottom and the questions go upward.

This might mean that a person who is newly hired onto the police force and has a specific question regarding their job and how they are expected to perform it, they will ask their commanding officer. That question may go up to an even higher authority and make its way up to the Chief of Police.

When an officer is giving instruction on a job and explaining the tasks involved with it, they will be higher up and needing to explain what each person should do. In this case the flow would go downward from a superior to a rookie. This instruction may also come horizontally when one officer will understand a procedure better than another officer who is on the same level as him or her and would explain that said procedure to their associate.

Feedback can come from all sides. People in higher ranking positions will want to...