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The Fly

The story "Fly" by Katherine Mansfield throws light on the fact that time is a great healer and it conquers grief. The story begins when Mr. Woodifield comes to see his ex-boss. He is retired and is a heart patient. He praises the new setting and furniture of the office. Then the boss offers him whisky. After drinking it, Mr. Woodifield remembers what he has forgotten. He tells the boss that his daughters have visited the graves of the boss's as well as Mr. Woodsfield's son. Actually, they have died in a war.

The reaction of the Boss is that of a father over the death of his only son. However, he does not express his grief before Mr. Woodifield. When Mr. Woodifield has gone, he sits in his chair. He asks Mr. Macey that he will see nobody for half an hour. He wants to feel the same pang of grief.

The writer describes his condition, "He wanted, he intended, he had arranged to weep…" It is a terrible shock to him when Mr. Woodifield mentions the grave of his son. He imagines his son lying in his grave. He groans, "My son!" However, no tears come yet.

In the past, in the first months and even years after the death of his son he could not control his tears. He thought that the time would never change the condition of his grief. He had developed his business for his son. Everybody liked his son. However, he went to a war and died. When he received a telegram about his death, he felt the whole place crashing about his head.

Now the situation is different. Six years have passed and he does not feel the same pang of grief. As a last try, he decides to get...