Flyeing in love forever

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Flying In Love Forever

We finished our breakfast and we began to think. "You are going to fuck me up when and if we are separated," we would tell each other through long romantic stares without words. We were both that way. All that ever needed to be said between us was said with one or two real long looks, ending in a simultaneous nod and a shared wink. We had many small fights but in all our glory we could be unstoppable. That much we knew. My enthusiasm and her beauty made us a deadly combination. The self-destruction we fell prey to only got in our way once in awhile. We always managed to sidestep it.

This method we had down enabled us to toy with each other mercilessly, each as cruel as the other. It also allowed us to then in the aftermath, make up with nights under a blanket of stars and pouring out our souls into each other.

We'd both found the only other one out there who could take our kind of love. The only one who understood us at all. And even through the fear could enjoy the intrigue. I always felt like I was in over my head, and I liked the way that felt. She knew it full well, she felt the same way too, and she loved to lead the way when I let her.

We began each day with a ceremonial toast. Usually of hot chocolate in the am. We knew with each toast that this could be the last, and we each said our own internal prayer that we'd come out on the other side to see our one and only true love's pretty face just one more time again. That other thing out there that made us real...