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The USDA recommends that a woman over the age of 19 should consume a daily amount of protein in the equivalent of 46grams and 32 grams of fiber to remain in good health. Through the use of the web site (USDA, 2008) the daily amount of protein that I have consumed has been recorded. Through this report varies aspects of the consumed protein and fiber levels that I have consumed on a daily bases will be evaluated. These areas will include if to much or too little protein and fiber was consumed, what foods would help to increase or decrease the protein and fiber intake that I consumes on a daily bases. What is the importance of sticking within the recommended protein and fiber level and what the effects are of too little or to much protein and fiber?, the difference between complete and complementary protein within my diet and ways to advise others who consume to many meats and milk products.

The report is also going to exam my consumed servings to the recommended serving amount, and the nutritional difference between whole fruit and fruit juice. The closing of this report will state my conclusions and final thoughts on my dietary intake, improvements to my diet and summarize my personal discovery.

Protein IntakeRecommended/Actual IntakeThe CNPP recommends that I get 46gm of protein a day; however, on October 5, 2008 my intake level exceeded that amount by 21gm. In a review of my food intake from my previous saved analysis (appendix 1-B) it is common for me to intake more protein then the recommended allowance. It is my excessive amount of meat and beans along with my grain intake that causes my protein level to be high. In order for me to change the level of protein...