Food and Behavior Contract

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Food and Behavior Contract

1) One of the things pertaining to my current eating behavior that I would like to change is to increase my intake of vegetables by a good amount of one cup. I feel that this is a necessary change because I rarely eat a decent amount of vegetables, and also because I probably don't have the essential vitamins that I need in my body. In order for me to take in for veggies, I would have to incorporate them into my breakfast, lunch, and dinner by maybe adding one-fourth of a cup of spinach into my omelets, another one-fourth of broccoli into a salad for lunch, and the rest of the space in the said cup can be mashed potatoes for dinner. I believe that this is something I could do because I'm dividing the whole cup of vegetables throughout the day so that I don't have to feel obligated to eat the entire thing during a single meal.

Not only that, but realistically speaking, I can go back and forth when it comes to choosing what veggies to eat for every meal, whether it would be a cup with half carrots and half corn, or two halves of other vegetables. I think it would be a good idea to keep this sort of commitment up within a timeframe of a month to see if my body seems healthier as far as the normal amount of vitamin intake goes.

2) Another thing pertaining to my current eating behavior that I would like to change is my extremely low intake of water by increasing it to about two more cups a day. The best way for me to start hydrating my body more is by getting used to drinking more water by grabbing a bottle and filling...