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Dietary intake is a very important matter in my life and has been for many years. I have what is called type 1 diabetes. This means very serious issues should I disregard certain areas of my foods and intake that is needed. This does not mean I eat correctly or take as good as care of myself as I should. But I am always aware of sweets and pure sugar processed products, which can send my condition into states of physical conditions that are not desired. Also I have placed my food intake into the analysis part and discovered some interesting matters I did was not aware of before and more than likely should have been.

How I feel about my dietary intake for the day of October 10, 2006. I started my day out with a full bowl of Frosted Mini-wheat’s, which I filled up twice. This choice reflected a bit scary as it did indeed show me this is not a wonderful way to go, by itself.

Apparently the fat content in this was a bit high and was that fact that worried me. Next I did my usual 4 cups of coffee and yes I drink at four cups in the morning to get myself going. The coffee itself is not a bad thing; it was the creamer I use, which has a high saturated fat count and needs to be watched closely. To help with this I have actually switched to low-fat creamer. After breakfast time I did not eat any food for lunch or a snack. I simply got myself a 1 liter of diet coke which is normal choice of lunch for me during a regular day for the schedule that I keep.

I did consume the required number of foods on the pyramid...