Food tech labelling laws

Essay by turns May 2004

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The Name of the Item:

All food must confirm with the names that are prescribed by the Australian food standards code and must not misrepresent the food. Ice cream for example must contain specific ingredients according to the standards for it to be called that name.

The Name and Business Address of the Manufacturer:

The manufacturer and packer, or, if the food is imported, the name and address of the importer should be included.

Name of the Country of Origin:

It is important to give the information relative to we've the food was produced. If a label specifies 'made in Australia' all ingredients must be Australian and any imported ingredients must be declared while a label with 'made in Australia and imported ingredients' means that more than 50% of the ingredients are Australians.

List of Ingredients:

The ingredients should be given in descending order by weight. The listing of ingredients, including additives, allows the consumer to know which food is in greatest proportion by weight or volume.

However, it must include what the percentage is.

Date Marking:

The date when the food was packed or a 'use by date' is required to indicate the minimum life for production.

Statement of Quality:

The quantity of the packed product must be specified using either weight or volume.


A barcode is necessary to identifying each product individually or by both number, which can be used if there is any need to investigate or recall a particular product.

Nutrition Information:

A nutrition information panel must support any nutrition claim so the consumer can clearly ensure the claim is not misleading.


Printing on the label must be in English and must be distinct, permanent and of uniform size.

Anything that is judged to be false, misleading or deceptive.

Claims that the food...