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This is a remembering events essay about my husbands death and how it effected my life. FootprintsCorey was working in the driveway on the Tahoe. He was putting a suspension lift on it. Then he planned to get a body lift so that he could fit40” tires on it. His hobby was working on cars and he had been saving up for this project. So, I wasn’t about to stop him. I was not allowed in the garage whenever he worked on a vehicle. I could not stop bugging him about reinforcing the vehicles, if he was going to be underneath them.

I had errands to run, so I got Devin ready to go. Heading through the garage to the car, Corey said “Just leave Dev here.” I said “Sure”, and proceeded to put Devin into the playpen. After coming home, I decided I wanted to get something special for the date Corey and I had lined up.

Heading towards the car, I decided to take Devin with me. Upon arriving at the mall, I went straight to Victoria’s Secret. It did not take long to find that something special. While waiting to checkout, I got a sudden chill. Goose bumps went from the top of my head down to the tips of my toes. At that moment a voice told me to go home. With a sense of urgency, I put the items back and headed home.

I just thought I was acting paranoid or just losing it. I still felt a strong sense of urgency. Coming down the hill of our street, I noticed the Tahoe looked funny but I did not give it much thought. Getting out of the car, I did not see Corey. “Corey?” “Corey, are you out here?” When I did not get an...