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As Ford escape's into the future of efficient and cost effective vehicles, the Ford Escape leads the way into this new revolution. The Escape has an appeal that is catering to the need of most consumers. It's large enough for hauling, yet small enough to offer efficient gas mileage. This vehicle satisfied the consumer needs at the time it was first released into the market. The Escape has a moderate price for a mini-SUV and it offers good MPG. Ford answered the call of the consumers. Now Ford has answered another call in the market for a hybrid SUV. At the present time, hybrid vehicles seem to be the wave of the future. Hybrids began with the compact car and eventually evolved to the large pick-up truck. Although the development of hybrid vehicles is moving along swiftly, the Ford Escape was the first hybrid SUV released into the U.S.

market. The Escape set a milestone in the history of hybrid vehicles. This paper will discuss details of the vehicle and the effects consumer behavior has had with the development of the Ford Escape.

The key for marketers to make sure ideas and products are learned is to make marketing strategies as simple as possible. An example would be to make Ford Motor Company's domain name Anyone that doesn't have any knowledge of the Ford Escape would try if they were looking for information on the Internet. or may not be the first thought by the average consumer when trying to research a Ford vehicle.

According to Steven Brier, a message that's not remembered is a dollar spent without a return. (Brier 2001) Marketers try to create a strategy that potential consumers will remember and know. Various companies use slogans or repetitious ads to stamp a...