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Foreign/ International Aid is the assistance that governments of developed countries provide to developing countries for the improvement in living standards or to encourage economic growth. It may also be given in emergency situations and can be money, food, goods or skilled personnel.

There are three main types of aid-Bilateral aid is assistance given directly by the Australian government to the government of a developing country. Australia has Bilateral aid programs with ten countries. This type of aid is generally used for the requirements of health, education, technology, emergency food, medicines, shelter, clothes and support for community based projects such as building schools and health centres.

Non government organisations play a major role in distributing aid, such as Oxfam, World Vision and AUSTCARE. Many of these NGOs are non-profit organisations that receive most of there income from donations made by the public. NGOs work with the local communities. These organisations argue that wealthy nations have the responsibility to assist the less fortunate living in developing countries.

Multilateral aid is assistance provided by governments of developed countries through international agencies such as the United Nations and the World Bank. Multilateral aid is used to fund emergency relief projects, global warming, large scale infrastructure, health and education and training programs. These organisations are also able to organize and coordinate services during international crisisAn example of a bilateral foreign aid program is Australian aid to Papua New Guinea, who receive one fifth of its annual aid budget. The agency AusAid (Australian Agency for International Development) aims to promote sustainable development, self- reliance and political and social stability. Aus Aid provided PNG with doctors, nurses, accommodation for them and the equipment they needed.

Another example of bilateral foreign aid is East Timor. The Australian Government aid program has been working in...