Four functions of Management

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The management consists of four functions, which is planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. These functions would be recognized as major elements for the management team of each organization, who wishes to leads the team to be successful.

Four Function of Management - Planning

Planning is to set the direction for something and is to select priorities and goals, and how those results will be achieved by guiding the system to follow the direction.(

Planning typically includes identifying goals, objectives, methods, resources needed to carry out methods, responsibilities and dates for completion of tasks. (

Recently, my work had a major organization change. New CEO, who would like us to become more competitive in IT industry, has been assigned.

He announced us that the business planning for upcoming six months. This business planning consists of long-term goals and ethics as well, which made us clear what we should focus on.

The contents of a business plan typically aim to:

1. Describe the venture (new or current organization, product or service), often including its primary features, advantages and benefits

2. What the organization wants to do

3. Justification that the plans are credible

4. Marketing plans, including research who the customers will be, or targets of customers, why they need the venture (benefits they seek from the venture), how they will use the venture, what they will be willing to pay, how the venture will be promoted

5. Staffing plans, including what expertise will be needed to build and provide the venture on an ongoing basis

6. Management plans, including how the expertise will be organized, coordinated and led

7. Financial plans, including costs to build the venture, costs to operate the venture, expected revenue, budgets for each of the first several years into the future, when the venture might break-even...