The Four Functions of Management

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The process of working with resources and people in an organization to accomplish a goal can be defined as management. "The traditional functions of management-planning, organizing, leading, and controlling-continue to be the key activities used to enable the organization to accomplish its goals and objectives. Though significant changes have occurred in all organizational structures, processes, and managerial styles, these traditional functions remain a constant" (Anderson & Pulich, 2002). To be an effective manager in any organization they must posses these skills.

PlanningPlanning is the first function of management. The decisions made in this function determine the future of the company. "The management functions of systematically making decisions about the goals and activities that in individual, a group a work unit or the overall organization will pursue" (Bateman & Snell, 2007). University of Oklahoma Health Science Center, although has been in existence for many years, this stage is never fully over.

The company must always be evolving and ever changing if it wishes to stage on the forefront of the competition. The planning stage is an early development function, but also a necessity to continue to improve and revamp previous plans to ensure the longevity and future of the company.

OrganizingThe second function of management is organizing. "The management functions of assembling and coordinating human, financial, physical, informational, and other resources needed to achieve goals" (Bateman & Snell, 2007). In organizing, you are creating job duties and grouping teams up in workgroups, defining employee roles and allocation resources. Although this function seems to be mainly a part of human resources, it also is necessary for direct managers to utilize this function. The have to have this attribute to enlist potential new employees but also to aid them in their success at OUHSC. The managers but take time out and train...