The Four Functions of Management

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The Four Functions of Management

Planning within an organization by management would seem like it would be the most self-explanatory thing out of the four functions. Most of the time when a manager enters into his new position a plan is already in place. All he or she would have to do is take a look at performance and see if the current plan needs any attention. The trouble a manager can run into in this step is his unwillingness to continue to follow a proven plan.

Instead most of the time what you encounter is someone trying to impress upper management by implementing a system that he or she came up with. Usually this person is met with resistance and tension by his new team and this can cause many problems from the beginning. The smartest thing to do in this situation is to follow the current plan that is in place and if any changes need to be made in the future get feedback from the employees so they feel that they too are a part of the team.

Organizing would probably be one of a leaders biggest responsibility within his department. This will be one of the most critical functions to determine if they will make it as a leader or not. When a person is in a position such as a manager, people expect his team or department to do just as well or better as they did when they had their last manager. If a person has trouble organizing a workload or can't get the right people on the right job then this may cause him to look bad. Not only will the people that work for him loose confidence and think he may not be right for the position but upper-management may also think...