Four-leafed Clover By Rav Prasad

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Usually, the long-awaited melody of the school bell on a Friday afternoon would open up the door to freedom for the next two days. Not today.

Today, I had a second door to conquer - Zane. Before last Saturday I would have been proud to call him my best mate. And, if he hadn't violated the 'mate's code of conduct' by messing around with my girl, I probably would still be calling him that. There's a certain line you just don't cross and he skipped right over it. Now he was nothing to me--nothing but the opposition in our impending fight.

"Alright gentlemen, that was the bell. Class dismissed, and have a good weekend."

My fellow classmates - all boys - scurried out of the classroom like caged rats being set loose.

I took my time. After all, the only thing I had to look forward to was a severe beating at the hands of my former-best mate, and more importantly, the resulting demise of my popularity at this harsh, unforgiving school.

Respect from my peers was all I had here, and it was about to be punched out along with my front-teeth.

I ran a shaky hand through my curly dark-brown hair and then across my forehead and cheeks, wiping away trickles of anxiousness, and advanced out of the classroom.

I skulked through the hallway, desperately trying to evade attention. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to do so when you are as popular as I am.

Mikey, a grade 11er, ran up to me with wide-eyes and a giant smile beaming across his face. He was a few inches taller than me despite being a year younger.

"Hey yo Sean, you ready for Zane, man?" he asked.

Are you kidding me!? I was neither mentally nor physically ready...