The Fox River Ecosystem

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In the Fox River there are many different living and non-living things that help control the population of animals and plants for the ecosystem. In the next few paragraphs I will explain certain things that are in the Fox River Ecosystem that are living and also non-living. Also I will describe some interactions between species and their environment. Another thing that I will explain is the human effects on this ecosystem. The last things that I will talk about in this paper are some of the examples of the laws of ecology. This paper will explain a lot about the ecosystem of the Fox River.

There are many biotic components in the Fox River. Biotic is another word for living organism. Some of the biotic organisms that I have found at the Fox River are crickets, ducks, seagulls, birds, fish, geese, grass, seaweed, algae, flowers, trees, and bugs. Although I couldn't find them I know that there are definitely tons of other biotic species that live in the Fox River ecosystem.

Also in the Fox River ecosystem there are things called abiotic organisms.

There are lots of Abiotic organisms in this ecosystem too. Abiotic means the same thing as non-living. A few of the non-living things that I found in the ecosystem of the Fox River were water, docks, dead wood in the water, Wood planks on land, air, sun, rocks, and garbage in the water. There are more things that are abiotic than just these but the list would be too big to write. Many of these abiotic things interfere or interact greatly on the lives of many of the things that live in this ecosystem.

There are many interactions between plants and animals and there surrounding environment. A couple of examples of interactions would be that the seagulls...