Francis Crick and His Contribution to Biology

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Francis Crick Paper

Peter Bokov

December 2, 2007

Biology 7th period

These studies were tedious and monotonous to Crick, who was interrupted from his work by World War II in 1939. Crick was agitated and drained by the military work, and his only desire was to go into his chosen field of physics and work where his passions laid. "Crick was torn between molecular biology and the mysteries of the consciousness". In 1947, he applied to work for the Medical Research Council, the agency that promotes biomedical research, and got the job. He said the intellectual alteration requisite by the shift from physics to biology was "almost as if one had to be born again," because in biology, one had to depend on experimental corroboration to a much larger degree than in physics. In 1949 at the medical research...