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Francisco FrancoFrancisco Franco was born in 1892; he was born at a time when Hitler was still in control of nazi forces in Germany. People were trying to escape torture and death in the concentration camps by leaving the country. He was born at 12:30 on December 4, 1892, In El Ferrol a town overlooking the Atlantic Ocean in the region Galicia, Spain. His parents were Nicholas and Maria Del Pilar Franco. His father was the fourth man in the family line to become a naval officer during his trips to the Philippines and at the age of 36 he married Maria. Their marriage was doomed to failure. Nicolas drank and womanized just as if he wasn’t married, and Maria was very religious and Nicholas wasn’t. Francisco had an older brother named Nicholas, after his father, two sisters pazita & Pilar, and a younger brother named Ramon.

When he was 15 Franco set out to Toledo to make the best of his military career.

His first few years at the infantry college were miserable. He had a high voice, was made fun of, and had many practical jokes played on him. He studied hard and tried to keep away from the other older boys, even though he got the respect of them in the years he spent there. In 1909, two years after he entered the academy, the people in Morocco, called Moors, rose against their Spanish rulers. The war minister of Spain announced that he was going to recruit young Spaniards to put down the riot. Over lunch Francisco talked about the events and strategies he would take with the other boys. On July 13, 1910, at the age of 18 he graduated from the college and Franco went to Morocco. It was in Morocco that he discovered...