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What is a monster? Who is a monster? What defines being a monster? The denotation of the word antagonist is, one who opposes another, a person causing problems, or an adversary. In the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelly, the monster, or the creation, is the antagonist. This can be seen in the monster's actions, emotions, and treatment towards others.

The monster's actions are exceptionally cruel. First, the monster burns down the host family's cottage. After the monster is tells Victor Frankenstein about how and why he returns to the cottage he says, "I placed a variety of combustibles about the cottage, and after having destroyed every vestige of cultivation in the garden, I waited with forced impatience until the moon had sunk to commence my operations…As soon as I was convinced that no assistance could save any part of the habitation, I quitted the scene and sought for refuge in the woods" (pg.

118-119). The monster is recalling how he burnt down the host family's cottage and with great detail on how he executed it. The monster did not just simply burn down the cottage; he obliterated cottage and everything in it. He purposely destroyed the cottage to get back at the host family for not accepting him, and enjoyed every moment of it. Second, the monster murders Victor's younger brother William. When the monster is telling Victor about the boy that he meets who turns out to be Victor' brother he says, "I grasped his throat to silence him, and in a moment he lay dead at my feet" (122). The monster did not just kill William, he maliciously straggled him to death. He purposely killed William because he was a Frankenstein.

The monster's emotions are malicious and cold hearted. First, after the...