Franklin Roosevelt and Great Depression of 1930

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Franklin Roosevelt and Great Depression of 1930


The given essay is a well developed research paper to analyze the given assertion related to the changes in American Economy during the period of 1930s. During this period, close to the decade of 1930s, there were various economic crises in the American Economy which affected all the social groups of the country and made their livings and earnings critical. The areas affected by this crisis included the agriculture, banks, politics related to labor class, unemployment for the musicians, artists, writers, stock market crash and many more areas. The economic crisis faced by Americans in this decade was the most dangerous one that the people of the country ever faced. The decade of 1930s and the great depression both have same meaning for most of the Americans. The Americans, who suffered from the effects of economic crisis, decided to work under the guidance of any strong leader of the government who could help them to fight against the great depression.

Regarding this crisis an assertion is given as, "In this decade of 1930s, the President Franklin Roosevelt and his administration solved many of the problems faced by Americans during the Great Depression." The thesis to make research on this assertion is based on the analysis of the contribution of Roosevelt in solving the problems of the Americans faced during this period. The thesis statement of the given essay is stated as, whether the role of Roosevelt in the resolution of the Great Depression was positive and supported by the Americans positively or not. This thesis is the base of the entire discussion which is to be supported with the help of some points with the evident support (Gerdes).


During the period of twenties, the people believed in themselves and asked for...