Franz Kafka

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His job requires him to travel a generous amount and wake up early. His boss also treats him unfairly and is never given any slack.

2. Gregor reacts as if it is a dream or illusion. But he just continued to think about his job situation after giving thought to it.

3. Details provided of outside setting is that it is raining and there is heavy fog.

4. One of the changes that Gregor and his family undergo is the loss of the maid. Another is also his loss of income.

5. The importance of Gregor's relationship and dream for Grete shows that they are very close, probably closer than normal.

6. Gregor changes his mind about the furniture because he feels that he is losing his sense of humanity and the metamorphosis is affecting not only physical appearance but his way of thinking.

7. The family's attitude shows that they have distanced themselves from Gregor and feel uncomfortable around him.

8. Gregor's father's uniform symbolizes and represents the fact that he is a servant in the household and shows his superiority towards the household.

9. There is no connection between Gregor's eating problems and his sister's violin playing.

10. The cause of Gregor's death is the rotten apple in his back which caused infection and starvation. The family does take time to weep but just refer to him as it. "What are we going to do with "it"?

11. The story ends in a positive note. The family goes on with life as it will not stop and talk about the future and what is to come.

12. I think that the meaning of Gregor's transformation is to declare ones own humanity and to be seen as normal. He was always an outsider.

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1. - Gregor's father's...