Frederick The Great

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Frederick the GreatFrederick the Great or Frederick the second was born on 1-24-1712 and died 8-17-1786. He was the King of Prussia, one of the two countries that now form Germany. He came to the thrown in 1740 after his father's death. He also favored to use the French language and art.

In many ways Frederick was a great and important ruler for the development of Germany as a country. He was a very intelligent army general who had a great mind in strategy and this made him make the Prussia army the most powerful in Europe. Frederick also liberalized laws regarding censorship, religion, and torture. These liberalized laws really made him well liked in Prussia. With these laws Frederick tolerated freedom of the press and freedom of religion. Frederick also made sure that in his court system that the judges were well educated and were fair.

Because of his force on fair judicial systems Prussia's was considered the most fair. As you can see Frederick the great did many things to improve the lives of the people in Prussia.

Frederick's army intelligence also benefited to Prussia's people too. Frederick caused the 7 years war though because of his wanting to make Prussia's land larger. Russia, France, and Austrian proclaimed war against Prussia, and they outnumbered Prussia 20 to 1. With Frederick's smarts though they were able to overcome their foes. After the war Prussia was actually stronger than what they were before they started! This led them to have the strongest army in Europe.

As you can see Frederick was a great leader who made his country benefit from an absolute ruler. What made him so great was that he believed that he was the first servant of the state, and...