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My family recently purchased a satellite dish. Through my best friend I found that there is a card that can be inserted into the unit. Giving you free access to every channel available. When I heard this I was overwhelmed with joy. I told the news to my parents, assuming they too would be excited. I was wrong. They stated their opinion that they see it as "stealing", and that, just as one vote can make a difference, they would be the individuals and not taking advantage of the situation just get to get something free. Therefore making the world a better place. I would say this. Good people don't make the world a better place by depriving themselves of free satellite television. Good people make the world better by becoming a missionary or feeding the starving children in Afghanistan. A good way to start the charity would be with the money that you would've sent to the satellite company with a multi-million dollar a year profit.

No worker at this company is going to lose his or her job or become incapable of feeding his family as a result of us using this card. I know this is a little ??????, But let's not make a mountain out of a molehill.

To watch or not to watch free paper view: that is the question. Bottom line: it is stealing and it is wrong. My parents see it as a test of this country's moral. I, see it as wrong, however entirely unimportant. Either way, tomorrow the earth will still turn, the sun will still rise, and the billion-dollar entertainment industry will be there to soak up the rays.