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When you first hear the word "freedom", what sort of things will you think of? Most probably, people will think of democracy, liberty, laws, etc. However, I do not think those things have any relationship with freedom. When we talk about freedom, there is no meaning to the word. It is just a single word which you can say anything you want about it. As a result, I would like to talk about the level of freedom, instead of just freedom. The level of freedom of which a person should have is directly proportional to the level of responsibility the person has. Mathematically, the level of freedom is equal to the level of responsibility, which I call it 'x', times a constant, 'k', where 'k' is the things the person can do. And, of course, 'x' is a variable, which means if you are more responsible, you will get more freedom.

But why is freedom related to responsibility? It's because if people are responsible, we won't be afraid people will do the wrong things. As they must pay for what they have done. In the other words, we trust people who are responsible and we trust them to do the right things.

However, there is an inverse to the equation of freedom. That is an equation of how much freedom a person should have. The equation is very simple, the level of freedom is equal to one over the level of wrong things that person has done. Therefore, the more serious wrong things have been done, the more freedom should be lost. Thus, criminals in prisons have no freedom. As a result, people should think about what consequences they have to pay before doing anything and before thinking of what freedom they have.

Unfortunately, this leads to another problem. That's...