Freedom of Choice

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Freedom is probably one of the most misused words in the world today. According to the dictionary freedom is 'the ability to act without initiation of force or its threat being used against you.' Therefore having choices is not the definition of freedom, having choices is one of the consequences of being free.

Firstly, in today's society there are many restrictions on freedom of choice. If you are free, you have the ability to pursue your own happiness, and to make choices for yourself, which are needed for the nourishment of your own life.

One example of the restrictions in today's society is how gay and lesbians face widespread discrimination on the basis of their sexual identity, and so do people of trans-gender identity even though Australia's international human rights obligations require governments to try to eliminate such discrimination. Also, at this point in time same sex partners do not fall within the definition of 'spouse' in most employee compensation schemes.

This shows that gay and lesbians in Australia are not free to their own choice of sexuality. It is beyond doubt that if the gays and lesbians today had freedom of choice this would not happen, they should clearly be aloud to do as they please as long as they don't become the ogresses that push their views onto others and expect others to adopt them.

Also, there are restrictions when it comes to the age of consent to sex. The legal age for a girl to have sexual intercourse is 16 and boy 18. This law is clearly respected by most because until the age of consent youth are not legally responsible for there own actions. In many cases society fits the bill and pays the price for their mistake eg. Child endowment.

Secondly, all humanity is...