Freedoms Obligation: Essay is about the United States and the freedoms that we have. It is also about the past and how be became the nation that we are now.

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America, the land of freedom and opportunity. Ours is a country that is full of different cultures, races, religions and ideas. We enjoy freedoms that people from other countries have either had taken away or have never experienced. These freedoms, that we sometimes take for granted, were not free, they were afforded to us at an extremely high price. We earned them through the sacrifices of American soldiers in wars, battles, and military actions since the formation of our country in 1776. For these freedoms, and the many opportunities that the United States of America offers, immigrants from around the world migrate to the our shores. For a great number of these people, the Statue of Liberty greets them with open arms.

As American citizens, the Bill of Rights gives us many freedoms that cannot be taken away. The freedoms of speech, press, and religion, the freedom to assemble and even to bare arms is all guaranteed.

These are all the result of the democratic government that we, the citizens, set up. The government does not control itself, we control it because we have the right to vote. This is a system that many countries either yearn for because they desire the freedoms that we enjoy or they despise it because they feel they must have total control. As habitants of this planet, Americans also feel that all people have basic human rights. We have sent our military power, advisors, and financial assistance to help others in their struggles against oppression, tyrany and starvation.

Every generation has its heros. These heros are the men and women who served in the military because they believed in the United States of America and that our freedoms should be protected. They fought in numerous conflicts including World War I, World War...