French-Muslim Riots

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Are these riots good for France? As it has always in the past, A country's

society that unfairly treats a certain culture, race, or religion will be met with

violence and will have to either adapt (American Revolution, American Civil War)

or be killed (World War 2 Nazis, French Revolution). Although the French-

Muslim riots are currently problematic with the mass destruction of property

(mostly burning hundreds of cars), it will end up being beneficial for Muslims in

France and Frances societal progression for everyone to be treated equally. The

rioting started Oct. 27, after youths were angered over the deaths of two

teenagers -- Bouna Traore, 15, and Zyed Benna, 17. They were electrocuted in

a power substation where they hid, thinking police were chasing them.

Authorities have denied the police were pursuing the teens.

Car torching are a daily fact of life in France's tough suburbs, with

thousands burned each month, police say.

Police intelligence has recorded

nearly 70,000 incidents of urban violence this year, including attacks on police

and rescue services, arson, throwing projectiles, clashes between gangs, joy-

riding and property destruction. Many of the riotous youths are the French-born

children of Muslim immigrant parents. The unrest has laid bare discontent

simmering in suburbs and among Muslim immigrant families who feel trapped by

poverty, unemployment, and poor education. France's Muslim population, estimated at 5

million, is Western Europe's largest. Immigrants and their children

often complain of police harassment and job discrimination. Events like this

have happened over and over again in the past and will continue to happen.

There are numerous events like this and a few of the millions of articles written

on these type of events are "The Return of the Melting Pot" by Alan Wolfe,

"Minority, Racial, and Ethnic Groups" by Richard T.