The French Revolution

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Before the year 1789, France was experiencing a large amount of discontent due to the usage of the old regime. The people had faced many problems politically, economically, and socially.

When Napoleon had come to France he had brought with him the concepts of liberty and equality. During the old regime the Jews were not viewed as citizens, therefore were deprived of their natural rights. He had given citizenship to the French Jews, Being given citizenship now granted the Jews the access and the opportunity to do what they desired. They could now leave the country, because they owned passports. They were also able to own land, open businesses, go to school, and do just about everything else a regular citizen could do.

The monarchy and the clergy were so engaged with their own rising authority that they completely disregarded the needs of the community. The Bourgeoisie (middle class) was receiving the grunt of the economic problems.

They were the bankers, merchants, and trades men. The monarchy had been financially sucking the life out of them. The supply had diminished, but the demand was still there.

The peasants became very frustrated as well with the monarchy. They had problems with the harvest and it not being sufficient therefore leaving them with now way of supporting their family. Many were arrested for shop lifting and rioting. The population at this time was starving, and they began to riot because no one was listening or helping them.

The peasants figured that the only way to feed their families was by stealing bread, which became known as the bread riots. They stormed into all bakeries and stores, and took whatever they could get their hands on. The bread riots were economical, political, and social statements. They were done to show the monarch and...