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Overview of the French revolution

Before discussing the major changes that sparked the revolution, I will give a brief overview of the French revolution. The French revolution occurred between 1789 and 1802. France was struck by a revolution, which basically changed the whole country including the government, administration, military and French culture "as well as plunging Europe into a series of wars" {1}. The revolutionary situation of France in the 1780s revolved around the bankruptcy of the King, and thus the State. This economic crisis was sparked due to the increasing expenses of government as well as the devastating costs caused by taking part in two consuming wars: the Seven Years' War and the American Revolutionary War. These expenses could not be paid for using the normal sources of state income, and to worsen the situation King Luis XVI and his Wife Mary Antoinette were spoiling themselves with everything they wanted using the country's money.

Ever since the 1770s, many efforts by different ministers to introduce financial stability had failed.

The taxation system was placing burdens on the shoulders of the people of the middle class and the more wealthy peasants, since the nobles were able to evade themselves from taxation. The outcome was "an insistent demand" to change these misuses of privileges, for reasonable and equal taxation. Due to the radical effects of the French revolution France changed drastically from a largely 'feudal' state guided by an absolutist ruler, to a nation, which executed the king, and then to an empire lead by Napoleon Bonaparte.

Effects that caused the French revolution

The French revolution was caused by a total of three major causes that basically sparked the beginning of the revolution.

Social inequality

In the 1780s the population of France was around 26 million, and 21 million of...