Freshmen Need To Change Poor Study Habits

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1 MAY 2014

Freshmen Need To Change Poor Study Habits

In college, students are responsible for their studies because college instructors won't act as high school teachers who directly tell them what they should do and how they should do. Responsible students always generate good study habits, but a number of students in college keep their poor study habits,which is contributing to poor academic performance. In "College Dropout Causes: Why First Semester Grades Are So Important," Grace Fleming, who is an experienced academic adviser and college enrollment counselor, analyzes some convincing reasons that the college dropout rate among freshmen. One of the convincing reasons is that poor study habits cause new college students to dropout. She indicates, "They don't take their first semester seriously and establish poor study habits. Some students get away with having a bit too much fun, but they establish habits that just don't suffice in later semesters" (Fleming). It seems that poor study habits have negative effects on freshmen. Successful students not only have good study habits but also change poor study habits. Therefore, in order to complete college successfully, freshmen need to change their poor study habits.

First of all, a great number of freshmen often put off doing their schoolwork; in order to complete college successfully, they need to avoid procrastination. The article "Overcoming Procrastination Tips for Overcoming the Bane of all college students" from the website "CollegeView" provides several reasons why students procrastinate. It says, "Since the demands placed on first-year college students are high, it is important to enter college knowing, first of all, that procrastination can severely hinder your academic performance." The statement shows the negative effect of procrastination on academic performance.