Friends Turned Killers (Dogs)

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All dogs are killers. They have the ability, or even the desire, to kill. Killing for dogs is the natural order of things. Even that cute little dog Paris Hilton keeps with her can tear her head off easily (not that I wanted that to happen or anything).

People socialize and train their dogs for their own reasons. It may be to scout, track, or simply for a game of catch or just for company. True enough, these are reasons why dogs are considered man's best friend. But contradictory to their role as man's best friend, dogs are now being trained to be assassins. Just imagine Scooby trying to gnaw on Shaggy's head instead of his usual Scooby snack.

In the military, dogs are used as weapons. They are trained to kill those who are considered enemies. But it's not only the military who takes advantage of dogs, there are also people who train them to be aggressive for security purposes or just to scare other people away.

Golden Retrievers have been trained to seek out and attack human beings, but the breed is not an issue. Rather, it is the lack of proper training and the dangerous practice of training dogs to be destructive.

There are several laws implemented intended for both dogs and their owners. The owners are just as responsible for the behavior of their dogs. If they cannot properly train their dogs, then they don't have the right to own one. A large part of the dog population is now being killed to bring justice to those who were inflicted injury. It is high time that dogs are stopped being killed just because they bit another dog or a person. And it is definitely unreasonable that dogs suffer for the idiocy of their owners. Moreover,