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Children, now in days, are usually spoiled by their parents who allow them to get anything that makes their child happy, if the child does not get what he/she wants they throw a fit. Childhood obesity is high across America, and children are so caught up in new technology that they have forgotten how to properly communicate verbally instead of text. In a sense of responsibility, socialism and physical education a pet can be a great experience for a child.

Often times a pet can teach a child multiple responsibilities. Once decided on a certain type of pet it can show the adolescent how to take care of a living breathing animal. Once the juvenile understands the importance of life he/she will be, in a way, more caring towards other living things, like friends or other animals, and the urge of being aggressive will diminish. Having a pet may also encourage the youth to clearly understand why personal hygiene is so important.

Letting the child wash the animal illustrates that it is necessary to be clean, taking showers, letting the kid comb the hair of the pet, if applicable, teaches them how to take care of their body by combing their hair and keeping a set of healthy teeth. As the young become older, with the pet, they can start to develope a direct approach on how to do different tasks, giving the animal food, water, attention, and exercise, involved in everyday life.

For children especially, pets can be wonderful social facilitators. Children are more prone to approach and interact with another child who is playing with a pet. In this way, a pet can be the bridge between a less socially outgoing child and other potential playmates. Having a type of communication with an animal...