Friendship Essay on "The Chrysalids": Shows the Friends that are in the book and describes them

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John Wyndham, the author of "The Chrysalids" is an amazing writer with many topics in mind. One of them would be friendship. Wyndham has based this book on the different views toward friendship and how all the characters have a different approach on the topic. Friendship is when two or more people, help each other, when things are bad, they help each other reach tasks that one person couldn't do by him/herself. A friend is someone that would looks out for each other. Friends trust each other, with things that they wouldn't trust someone else with. The three main friendships in the story contained David and Sophie, David and Rosalind, and David and Uncle Axel.

David and Sophie were initially introduced in the first chapter of "The Chrysalids". David was sliding down a bank, and Sophie saw that he was having fun and decided to join him.

David had found out a secret that Sophie and her parents were hiding, ever since she was born. The secret that David had promised to her to not tell anyone was that Sophie had six toes on each foot, which made her a deviation to mankind, and to the image of god. David wasn't bothered, or startled by the deviation, he insisted on seeing Sophie again later on, when she was ok. David had said "May I come and see Sophie again soon?" (pg.15), from that point on the two became really good friends. This is how their friendship had started and had lasted, until the end.

David and Rosalind are cousins, which made their friendship even stronger. David and Rosalind both have a deviation of their own, that no one knew, at first. The deviation they had was they were able to communicate telepathically. They first realized...